Australia’s biggest record collection is up for sale

After accumulating over 80,000 records over half a century, the passing of Aussie record collector Ken Perkins (originally from the UK) has left Australia’s biggest record collection up for sale.

The extensive collection was passed down to his daughter Natalie Perkins, who has the  task of selling the collection. To help with this, Perkins called on antiquities expert Dr. Daryl Sparkes to help figure out the worth of the collection.

As of yet, a monetary figure for the whole collection has not been figured out but many of the records, including rare 78s could be worth a a lot of money.

Regarding its pricing, Sparkes said: “You would have to go through each individual album and rate them for quality and also for rareness and then you’d be able to work out a price. There is jazz, blues, surf music, 1950s rock – and not all collectors collect all of that. It would be easier to sell it in sections rather than all in one go.”

When working out the amount of time it would take to listen to the entire collection, the estimate comes out to somewhere at six-and-a-half years.

Ms. Perkins believes the collection has cultural and historic significance and is aiming to find a way to keep the collection together. “Someone at a governmental level needs to take control of this collection as it is a national treasure,” Ms. Perkins said. Ideally the Perkins family would love to see collection kept together and not cherry-picked by different collectors.

All the records are reputed to be in perfect condition.

The collection was Ken Perkins’ life’s work and his daughter said she had no idea how much he spent putting it all together. “Dad was from the UK originally and he was very tight-lipped about things like money,” she said.

“Someone at a governmental level needs to take control of this collection as it is a national treasure.”

Ms. Perkins is currently waiting for a buyer and has set up an Instagram account for the collection called The Ken Perkins Collection.


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