‘Lawless’ soundtrack – could be another ‘Oh Brother Where Art Thou’

The new soundtrack to director John Hillcoat’s new film released this week, ‘Lawless’, is already being compared to the soundtrack of ‘Oh Brother Where Art Thou’ in promoting Americana and old time country music.

Written and produced by Nick Cave and fellow Bad Seed Warren Ellis  the tracks are performed on traditional bluegrass instruments. Cave and Ellis juxtaposed that feel against two covers of the Velvet Underground’s ‘White Light / White Heat’ — a version sung by Ralph Stanley preceded by a faster, fiddle-laden take led by Mark Lanegan — and Emmylou Harris with the Duke Spirit’s Liela Moss singing Grandaddy’s ‘So You’ll Aim Towards The Sky’.

Among the originals are covers from the set’s ‘house band’, the Bootleggers, and guests are  Link Wray’s ‘Fire and Brimstone’, Townes Van Zandt’s ‘Snake Song’, and John Lee Hooker’s ‘Burnin’ Hell’, Captain Beefheart’s ‘Sho Nuff And Yes I Do’  sung accapella by Ralph Stanley. Willie Nelson shows up to round off the soundtrack with a prohibition-themed hoedown.

Both the film and soundtrack are out this week – in the meantime, here’s a look at the film trailer and much of the soundtrack is available on YouTube.

Official Soundtrack listing

1. Fire and Brimstone; 2. Burnin’ Hell; 3. Sure ‘Nuff ‘N Yes I Do; 4. Fire in the Blood; 5. White Light / White Heat; 6. Cosmonaut; 7. Fire in the Blood / Snake Song; 8. So You’ll Aim Towards the Sky; 9. Fire in the Blood; 10. Fire and Brimstone; 11. Sure ‘Nuff ‘N Yes I Do; 12. White Light / White Heat; 13. End Crawl; 14. Midnight Run; 15. Midnight Run (Buddy Cannon Mix)

Not all the songs recorded for the soundtrack made the cut – so here is a full list:

01. Fire and Brimstone – The Bootleggers w/ Mark Lanegan | Song: Link Wray; 02. He is All – David Sardy and Jordan Tappis; 03. Midnight Run – John Wesley Ryles | Song: Marc Copely, James Bernard Dolan, Adam Stuart Levy; 04. Detroit – Western Massachusetts Sacred Harp Convention | Song: Bradshaw and Philip Doddridge; 05. Wave Storm – Blake Mills; 06. Burnin’ Hell – The Bootleggers | Song: Bernard Besman and John Lee Hooker; 07. White Light/White Heat – The Bootleggers w/ Mark Lanegan | Song: Lou Reed; 08. Cosmonaut – The Bootleggers w/ Emmylou Harris | Song: Cave and Ellis; 09. Fire In The Blood – The Bootleggers w/ Ralph Stanley | Song: Cave and Ellis; 10. Night of Canakkale – David Sardy and Jordan Tappis w/ Wayne Bergeron; 11. The Cuckoo Bird – Clarence Ashley | Traditional; 12. Fire In The Blood – The Bootleggers w/ Emmylou Harris | Song: Cave and Ellis; 13. Sweet Truth – David Sardy; 14. So You’ll Aim Toward the Sky – The Bootleggers w/ Liela Moss and Emmylou Harris | Song: Grandaddy’s Jason Lytle; 15. The Morning After – David Sardy w/ Wayne Bergeron; 16. The Snake Song – The Bootleggers w/ Emmylou Harris | Song: Townes Van Zandt; 17. The Telephone Girl – Frank Fairfield, Song: Orville Reed; 18. Hymn – The Bootleggers w/ Liela Moss | Song: Cave and Ellis; 19. White Light/White Heat – Ralph Stanley | Song: Lou Reed; 20. Midnight Run – Willie Nelson | Song: Marc Copely, James Bernard Dolan, Adam Stuart Levy

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