The Year of Jubilo – 78’s Of Songs From The Civil War

YOJ_cover_050615Legendary record collector, Joe Bussard is putting records out once again! After running the last 78rpm label in the US (Fonotone Records 1956-1974), Joe had relegated his efforts to promoting old-time music by making cassette tapes for people hungry to hear his rare treasures and producing his radio show ‘Country Classics’ for stations in Georgia, North Carolina, Tennessee and West Virginia. But last year, Joe and his daughter Susannah Anderson had the idea to produce a compilation of Civil War tunes and they rang the office of Dust-to-Digital to gauge interest in distributing such a compilation.

“The recordings heard in this collection all come from the shelves of Joe Bussard of Frederick, Maryland. A lifelong lover of old-time music early blues and jazz, Joe is famous among record buffs for his single-minded passion for finding and preserving old discs, his hospitality to visitors who want to hear them, and his generosity in making them available for reissue so that they can be enjoyed by succeeding generations.

But thanks to his homemade radio programmes, which he continues to make and which can be heard on several stations, and to the hugely entertaining documentary ‘Desperate Man Blues’ (Dust-to-Digital DTD-05V), Joe has become known far beyond the tight little community of collectors, and is recognized all over the world as a true American one-off, a man for whom the music of the past lives again every time he puts on a record.” says Tony Russell, in the sleevenotes to ‘The Year of Jubilo’.

“Bussard’s got shit that God don’t have. It is one of the great glory holds, probably the finest in the world. He was canvassing earlier than most, and he’s been at it longer, and he took everything: He recognized stuff that he really didn’t even like at the time, but he recognized it as being good, and he kept it.” says collector and musician Tom Hoskins, an authority on pre-World War II Delta blues, for the Washington City Paper

1. Ernest Stoneman – Pass Around the Bottle
2. Blue Ridge Mountain Singers – Lorena
3. Grant Brothers & Their Music – Johnson Boy
4. Red Mountain Trio – Dixie
5. Buell Kazee – The Faded Coat of Blue
6. G. B. Grayson & Henry Whitter – He Is Coming to Us Dead
7. Ernest Stoneman – Sweet Bunch of Violets
8. Ward & Winfield – In Those Cruel Slavery Days
9. Chubby Parker & His Little Old-Time Banjo – The Year of Jubilo
10. Da Costa Woltz’s Southern Broadcasters – John Brown’s Dream
11. Capt. M. J. Bonner (The Texas Fiddler) – Dusty Miller / Ma Ferguson
12. Cherry Lane Express – Rebels Hornpipe
13. Henry C. Gilliland and A. C. (Eck) Robertson – Turkey in the Straw
14. The Foreman Family – The Poor Old Slave
15. Asa Martin & James Roberts – Darling Nellie Gray
16. Henry C. Gilliland and A. C. (Eck) Robertson – Arkansaw Traveler
17. McGee Brothers & Todd – Old Master’s Runaway
18. Da Costa Woltz’s Southern Broadcasters – Richmond Cotillion
19. Fiddlin’ John Carson & His Virginia Reelers – Dixie Division

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