Bluesman Sherwood Fleming Rediscovered

Sherwood Fleming was born on August 8th, 1936, the 7th child of a sharecropper in Hillhouse, Mississippi.  Sherwood always wanted to sing, as a young man he stood out at church during devotion.  Then he heard BB King sing ‘3 O’clock Blues’ and it changed him.

He moved to Los Angeles in 1956, got a day job in sanitation got a got a chance to show some of his original songs to Morrie Alexander.  That was all it took to get Sherwood invited to the studio to record his first song, ‘Peace Love And Understanding’.

Later on he got a chance to work with Maxwell Davis who produced and played piano on ‘Good Woman’ (which appeared on the Moonshine album ‘West Coast Winners’) and ‘No Life For A Workin Man’.  These recordings were released on Kent, Highland and the C&P labels. At the time Sherwood was out promoting himself the best he could, sitting in at clubs like Tikki Island, York Club and the Harvelle’s Club.  Occasionally he would even do a comedy act just to get a spot on stage.

Sherwood never got the break he deserved.  In those days if you didn’t sign with someone you were left on your own and as an independent artist you couldn’t get the good gigs.  He had started a family and had 9 kids to feed so this made it hard for him to tour.

In 1980 Sherwood tried getting back into the studio again and released a 45 ‘Blues Blues’ and ‘Come Back Baby’ under his own label Sound Tround.

Currently, Sherwood is back in church singing at Morning Star Church in San Monica and has once again started playing the music that is deep in his heart.


Dialtone Records boss Eddie Stout promoted a gig in Austin at Justine’s Brasserie in February this year.

Take a listen to these YouTube clips and see why Sherwood has to be recorded again. Fantastic stuff.

Thanks to Eddie Stout.


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3 Responses to Bluesman Sherwood Fleming Rediscovered

  1. Jerry D says:

    Sherwood Fleming has a new release on Dynaflow Records-Blues Blues Blues…It’s straight up solid Blues, and Sherwood sounds great on it! Show him some love, and get this one…it’s worthy of airtime on my Blues shows. Way to go Sherwood-never give up the music!

  2. Rob Ebbers says:

    To: Dynaflow Records
    I came accross your label through a track of Sherwood Fleming – Good woman on a promo CD attached to a magazine called Soul Bag.
    We are Dee 2 Records in the Netherlands and we have interest in handling your distribution in the Benelux territory. Can you please let me know if your label represented here?
    If not, please let me know so that I can make you a proposal for possible cooperation in our territory.
    Hope to hear from you soon
    Rob Ebbers

    Dee 2 Records BV
    Pampuslaan 1
    1382 JM Weesp

    tel:+31 (0) 294 457505

  3. Nalbandian Ed says:

    Great.Great blues blues blues.Thank you Sherwood. One more great day in my life.

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