New Edition Of ‘Mystery Train – Images Of America In Rock ’n’ Roll Music’

Greil Marcus’s masterful history of rock ’n’ roll and American culture, Mystery Train is now available as an incredible Folio Society edition. Newly updated by the author exclusively for Folio, and the first English language edition to include illustrations, this is the ultimate and complete version of Marcus’ masterpiece.

The book chronicles the growth of rock ’n’ roll from its roots in the blues, gospel and country music of the Deep South to the extravagance of rock icons in the 1970s. On its publication in 1975, Mystery Train was hailed as a revolutionary book about popular music.

It has proved inspirational to critics and musicians alike Bruce Springsteen, Nick Cave, Elvis Costello and David Bowie (one of his ‘100 Best Books’) are among the many to have expressed their admiration.

In this new Folio edition, the energy and enthusiasm of Marcus’s narrative is paired with outstanding photography. From evocative black-and-white shots portraying American life from the 1930s to the 1970s and full-colour album covers to iconic photos of Woodstock and Elvis, this edition is packed with glorious snapshots from the rock ’n’ roll era.

This edition also adds wholly new and exclusive material written by the author. Marcus kept expanding his famous Notes and Discographies after the initial publication of Mystery Train in 1975, and it is now a rich treasury of facts, digressions and anecdotes. This section, included in this Folio edition, contains meticulous details of albums, re-issues, bootlegs and live recordings, making it an essential listener’s companion to the pioneers, contemporaries and successors of rock ’n’ roll music.

Bound in screen-printed textured paper. Set in Benton Modern with Bureau Grot Condensed as display. 552 pages.

59 integrated black & white images, and 8 pages of colour images including a double page spread. Blocked slipcase. 91/2˝ x 61/4˝.•

UK £50.00 US $79.95 Can $95.00 Aus $110.00

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