Quicksilver Messenger Service Reissue CD Box Set

One of my favourite West Coast bands, the legendary Quicksilver Messenger Service are the subject of a new box set reissue. A seven CD Deluxe Vinyl Replicas set made by Culture Factory, will feature high quality reissued compact discs which reproduce  all the components of the original LPs and are their exact replicas in compact disc size, with authentic single or gatefold cardboard jackets and paper sleeves. Each CD reissue is part of a limited edition 3000 units WorldWide

Quicksilver Messenger Service – Quicksilver Messenger Service (Paper Sleeve – CD Vinyl Replica Deluxe)
This debut album includes songs that typify their style, such as ‘Dino’s’ Song and the sumptuous, ‘Gold And Silver

TRACK LISTING1. Pride Of Man  2. Light Your Windows  3. Dino’s Song  4. Gold And Silver  5. It’s Been Too Long  6. The Fool

Quicksilver Messenger Service – ‘Happy Trails’ (Paper Sleeve – CD Vinyl Replica Deluxe)
‘Happy Trails’ Quicksilver’s second album from 1969, captures the band’s trademark extended- jam style and electric guitar virtuosity on songs like a covers of Bo Diddley’s ‘Who Do You Love?’ and ‘Mona’ that took fans on psychedelic aural trips when the band performed them live.

TRACK LISTING: 1. When You Love  2. Where You Love  3. How You Love  4. Which Do You Love  5. Who Do You Love (Part 2)  6. Mona  7. Maiden Of The Cancer Moon  8. Calvary  9. Happy Trails

Quicksilver Messenger Service – ‘Shady Grove’ (Paper Sleeve – CD Vinyl Replica Deluxe)
The title track is the first song on Quicksilver’s third album. It opens with rushing piano played by renowned session musician, Nicky Hopkins, featured throughout this album, but soon shifts to a bouncing, Bo Diddley beat that the band is known for.

1. Shady Grove  2. Flute Song  3. Three Or Four Feet From Home  4. Too Far  5. Holy Moly6. Joseph’s Coat7. Flashing Lonesome8. Words Can’t Say9. Edward, The Mad Shirt Grinder

Quicksilver Messenger Service  – ‘Just For Love’ (Paper Sleeve – CD Vinyl Replica Deluxe)
Released in 1970 “Just For Love” is the fourth Quicksilver album. The plaintive voice of band leader Dino Valenti is prominent throughout the album, including on the band’s only Top 50 single, and a theme song for the era, ”Fresh Air.”

1. Wolf Run (Part 1)2. Just For Love (Part 1)3. Cobra4. The Hat 5. Freeway Flyer6. Gone Again7. Fresh Air8. Just For Love (Part 2)9. Wolf Run (Part 2)

Quicksilver Messenger Service – ‘What About Me’  (Paper Sleeve – CD Vinyl Replica Deluxe)“What About Me” is the fifth Quicksilver Messenger Service album released in late 1970. This varied collection of songs ranges from soulful blues to country, folk and psychedelic rock, with dreamy vocals, dripping with echo on the title track.

1. What About Me?  2. Local Color  3. Baby Baby  4. Won’t Kill Me  5. Long Haired Lady  6. Subway  7. Spindrifter  8. Good Old Rock And Roll  9. All In My Mind  10. Call On Me

Quicksilver Messenger Service – ‘Quicksilver’ (Paper Sleeve – CD Vinyl Replica Deluxe)
Psychedelic folk rock alternates with boogie woogie romps on this sixth release by QMS. Soaring guitars remain a trademark during the solos on these songs that encapsulate the San Francisco rock of their era, like ‘Song for Frisco’ and ‘Play My Guitar’.

1. Hope  2. I Found Love  3. Song For Frisco  4. Play My Guitar 5. Rebel  6. Fire Brothers  7. Out Of My Mind  8. Don’t Cry My Lady Love  9. The Truth

Quicksilver Messenger Service – Comin’ Thru (Paper Sleeve – CD Vinyl Replica Deluxe)”Comin’ Thru”was the last Quicksilver Messenger Service album released in 1972. The album features the band’s legendary guitar sound, but the band adds bluesy organ and a full horn section to give the songs a driving, complex sound.


1. Doin’ Time In The U.S.A.  2. Chicken  3. Changes  4. California State Correctional Facility Blues  5. Forty Days  6. Mojo  7. Don’t Lose It

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