UK record company will press your ashes into a working vinyl album.

For those dedicated vinyl record collectors, a UK company, called And Vinyly, is offering to press our ashes into playable vinyl records upon our demise. 

The company’s slogan is “Live On From Beyond The Groove.”¬†

During manufacture, your ashes are sprinkled onto the raw piece of vinyl, one teaspoon per record, just before it is pressed by the plates. You can decide what music is on the record and presumably what colour vinyl you would prefer. 

Many people choose clear vinyl so the bits of ashes can be seen.¬† Of course adding ash filler to the vinyl does add some crackling surface noise, but hey, it’s a vinyl record!¬†

The company does not do 45’s yet, or picture sleeves.¬†

To read about the service visit¬†The Vintage News¬†article or to watch the company’s video about this click¬†And Vinyly.

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