Gene Vincent 1969 UK Tour – Documentary Film

Filmed by the BBC in November, 1969 – (I remember it the first time around!) this documentary follows four days of a UK tour by Gene Vincent to promote a new album released here on John Peel’s¬†Dandelion¬†label as well as a single from the album – ‘Be Bop A Lula ’69’. Peel had been¬†long time Gene Vincent fan and the album, which was produced by ex-Byrd Skip Battin, failed to sell.

The film watches Gene struggle to get promoters and TV producers to pay him. Gene was broke – but even so he arrives at a London hotel in a white Rolls Royce!

Gene had been a massive star only ten years before, but now much of that had gone and the film takes you into a very British world of small dance halls on the Isle of Wight, cheap hotels Рwhere he has to tell the woman on the desk that he will be sharing with his roadie, and a rehearsal room in the basement of a pub in Croydon Рwhere the walls are lined with old mattresses! Less than eighteen months later Vincent died Рbecause an ulcer burst in his stomach.

Also listen to Ian Dury and The Blockheads tribute – ‘Sweet Gene Vincent’

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