Van The Man Gets Back To Jazz

Van Morrison’s latest album his first for Blue Note in nine years, sees the ‘Belfast Cowboy’ getting back to jazz. It was Blue Note Records, who released his Grammy-nominated album, ‘What’s Wrong With This Picture?’ in 2003.

‘Born To Sing: No Plan B’ sees Van The Man moving into jazz territory, and reports are that the set contains some of his most acerbic, politically charged and socially conscious lyrics to date, not least the biting commentary on ‘If In Money We Trust’.

Produced by Morrison and recorded in Belfast, the track listing of ten originals is as follows: 
01.  Open The Door (To Your Heart)
02.  Going Down To Monte Carlo
03.  Born To Sing
04.  End Of The Rainbow
05.  Close Enough For Jazz
06.  Mystic Of The East
07.  Retreat And View
08.  If In Money We Trust
09.  Pagan Heart
10.  Educating Archie

In a press release Morrison said of his move back to Blue Note: “With most record companies being so corporate I am happy to be working with Don Was and the team at Blue Note. To have such a creative music person as the head of my recording label assures me that all the effort taken to write and record this new album will be rewarded with a music-based focus and marketing approach. I look forward to many recording projects with Don and Blue Note.”

The platter is expected to drop on October 2nd, this year.

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